sometimes we rush around busying ourselves so much that we are unable to hear what the world wants to know


Hearing Voices Network Toronto

We are working to co-create a hearing voices network in Toronto. See our poster for news about what we’re doing.

If you want to know more, or to join us please contact us.

About hearing voices

Hearing voices can be distressing, bewildering, intrusive and exhausting- but if you hear voices too then you are not alone. Research shows that many people experience hearing voices in one form or another and at some point in their lives.

Studies show that

  • between 4% and 15% of people experience hearing voices at least once in their lives


  • between 1-in-25 and  1-in-6 people, or
  • between 250 million and 1.7 billion people worldwide.

We can’t all be defective, broken, crazy, inhuman, criminal, chronically disabled or  in need of being knocked out with pharmaceuticals. Maybe in our society we might simply choose to “redefine” and broaden what we understand as the range of “normal” human experiences – as  rich and viariable as the natural world of which we are a part.

Many people who experience voices will do so after some traumatic life event, and as time passes find that the voices fade, diminish or go quiet.

Many people hear voices but do not find it distressing – many others have learned ways to make living with their voices easier.

Cultural interpretations

In some cultures people who hear voices are supported, rather than shunned by their community. The experience of hearing voices is regarded as positive, transformative, often an expected response to traumatic life events.

In some cultures voices are regarded as offering some kind of enlightenment and people who hear voices may be revered.

In other cultures some people might choose to place themselves in a situation designed to enable them to hear the spirits of the natural world talking to them – maybe at at important transition in their life.

There are many different possible interpretations of voices.

Voice hearers worldwide

We are part of an international community. We believe that it is not the phenomena of voices that causes difficulty but the interpretation of what voices might mean in a society that chooses not to understand when people who are experiencing distress.

We work  not to seek to obliterate them or drown them out  but to learn how to live with our experience.


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